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Shasvat Communications

We are into advertising for more than a decade and have experienced the ever changing trends in advertising world, and now nothing thrills us more than driving that change.

We rely on market research and proven experience to select the best media for your product or services, which may include social media, print, broadcast, mobile marketing, outdoor, internet marketing and many more innovative ways.

The team Shasvat comprises of Writers, Designers, Strategists and Data Miners who are full of passion.

We strive to focus on marketing strategies into vivid, memorable messages that are delivered in the most efficient media mix targeted to your specific audience need. We creatively shape your message to be tailored to the specific needs of each media and eventually deliver that message using an integrated, cross-platform media mix.

We make sure that the talents of all the creative minds work towards same direction as our forte lies in effectual synergy of resourses.

Shasvat Communications
Shasvat Communications

Our Approach

Our broad range of full-service advertising capabilities is as good as genius behind it, that's why each of our services is run by a highly qualified and experienced professionals who have encountered variety of market challenges and know which road to take and which to avoid.

When we manifest your campaigns, our execution of Creative meets meaningful connection with your expectations of "High Returns" along with "Full Integration".

Our confident in-depth knowledge for developing strategies and executing tactics make us not just a Campaign Executioner but also a wise choice for Strategic Consulting.


  • INS Accredited Group Agency.
  • Extensive Market Intelligence.
  • Unique, Integrated & Systematic Approach.
  • 100% Online Client Servicing Model.
  • Competitive Edge over Contemporaries.
  • Creative, Economical & yet Winning Solutions.
  • Unbeatable Professional Approach.
  • Top of the Line Services for more than a Decade.
Shasvat Communications

Our Services


We understand in the power of Impact and hence adhere to the most effective means of creating positive perceptions, simultaneously understanding the constantly evolving advertising and media strategies. PRINT MEDIA, ELECTRONIC MEDIA, OUTDOORS, EXHIBITIONS, DIGITAL.


Since Performance without Insights is a worthless effort, sustainability factor is the core component of our any worked upon project. We strive to provide our clients with globally-focused marketing solutions to rescale the visions on the project returns. CUSTOMER INSIGHT MAPPING, CATEGORY INSIGHT, COMPETITION INSIGHT.

Press Release

We create impressions when it comes to the most renowned medium of advertising & PR. We have conceptualized, designed and published various newspaper advertisements/ press release for English as well as Vernacular newspapers around the country.

Design and Production

We Design values for our clients who consider their websites as an integral part of their advertising and marketing plans. We incorporate our broad marketing perspectives and insights into our web design and other services. PRINT DESIGN/ MATERIAL GRAPHICS, LITERATURE, PACKAGING, BROCHURES, CORPORATE.

Reputation Management

When the reputation of your business is in jeopardy, Synergy is the way to prevent fall back through our online reputation management services. It helps foster a debate by enhancing conversation and “influencing the influencer”. RE-BRANDING, RETENTION & LOYALTY, RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, REPUTATION REPAIR.

Corporate Branding

We diligently develop and shape your Brand, attract audience, and persuade them to fall for your product and services. Our promises are deep rooted and based on the preemptive advantage you have over your competitors. BRAND POSITIONING, BRAND MARKETING, BRAND IDENTITY.

Internet Marketing

We equip you with an Impact Equation on psychologies of people through our range of internet marketing capabilities by designing and producing internet ads of any shape & size including static banners, live action, animation and other rich media approaches. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO), PAY-PER-CLICK, EMAIL MARKETING, BANNER ADVERTISING, LOCAL SEARCH, AFFILIATE MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES


Our super designed Activation rallies emphasize series of activities that bring Brands to life, encourages positive participation and attract all eye balls. CORPORATE EVENTS, PRODUCT LAUNCH, EXHIBITIONS, TRADE FAIRS, PR EVENTS, PRESS CONFERENCE, ROAD SHOWS.


Deciding where and how you'll invest your resources for maximum effect is the key factor of being something or anything. We help you to build your business with our indulging consultations and renowned expertise distinguishing between good and best. FRANCHISING, CONVENTIONAL TRADE, MODERN TRADE, BACKWARD & FORWARD INTEGRATION, PRODUCT LINE EXTENSION.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as the voluntary activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner. A properly implemented CSR concept can bring along a variety of competitive advantages such as enhanced sustainable growth, reduced reputation risk and Improved Brand Image. PHILANTHROPIC, LABOR PRACTICE, ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL IMPERATIVES, CHARITY.

Idea meets Execution


Case Study

Waterford Institute of Technology

Waterford Institute of Technology

Country: Ireland | Website: www.wit.ie

This unknown IT College from an Ireland had zero intake of students from South East Asia (India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand etc.). We created a winning strategy via Newspaper Adverts, Student Scholarship Program, Educational Exhibitions, Digital Marketing and PR for them.

Now they source 2nd Largest Foreign Students contingent from this region.

Neo Politan Pizza

Neo Politan Pizza

Country: India, Dubai, Canada | Website: www.neopolitanpizza.in

A unique Italian Fast Food Client which serves “ONLY VEG” cuisine is a success story from 1 outlet in 2011 they have more than 30 outlets covering 6 states and 3 Countries.

We have been instrumental in their journey from Day One. Now they are going to global with outlets opening in Toronto (Canada) & Dubai (Middle East).


FOKIA (Federation of Kutch Industries, India)

Country: India | Website: www.fokia.org

A Non-Profit Organization in a Barren Earthquake hit region, which could bravely manage to make members and was dependent on subscription fees from members to survive is now has a base of more than 200 International/National Industries heavy combined net worth of 10.6 Billion Euros and its members. We conceptualized, marketed and executed Business Excellence Award in association with Earnest and young process Evaluators.

Our Valuable Clients

  • ITM Universe
  • OPAL
  • V-Guard
  • Round Table Golf
  • Pride BizNotel
  • Podar World School
  • Neo Politan Pizza
  • Pancham Group
  • Yamaha
  • Big FM
  • Aerzen
  • Compucare
  • Time Institute
  • Merlin
  • Rentokil
  • Park Plaza
  • Cygnus
  • Stanfab Engineering
  • Spree Hotel
  • Gwalia
  • Prosper Global
  • Kochar Tech
  • Brainworks
  • IIHT
  • Travel Unlimited
  • KVB
  • Induslnd Bank
  • NT Agni
  • Skoda
  • Vadodara Central
  • Siddharth Palace Hotel
  • ERDA
  • Kush Protine
  • Aakash Institute
  • Marfatia Stock Broking
  • Software Solution India
  • AKMC
  • Cafe Fitoor
  • Kaps Engineering
  • MUK
  • Podar Jumbo
  • Dresser Rand
  • Schott Glass
  • Swagat Restaurant
  • TAM Media
  • Comfort Insta Power Ltd.
  • Anupam Industries
  • NIFT
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